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  • my week in objects (mostly).

    1. this new-to-us console. {for showing up at just the right time.} 2. this brand-new magazine (that’s seeking supporters). {for being a delight in so many ways. } 3. these sparkling crystals. {because, priorities.}…

    September 11, 2020 6 Comments
  • my week in objects, mostly.

    five little things that made my week. 1. these lemons. {but mostly getting to host a lemonade stand. details below!} 2. this tiny assortment. {but mostly the air conditioner to keep us cool on…

    June 22, 2018 3 Comments
  • habit shift: bedtime routine.

    I know a lot of you have questions about how we get our two kids to sleep—for the LOVE OF GOD—in a tiny apartment. More on that one day soon, I promise. But in…

    April 25, 2018 59 Comments
  • self-care, two ways.

    It’s February in the year 2017 and if ever there was a time for acknowledging that we need to be gentle with ourselves, it seems this is it. Self-care is having a moment, you…

    February 6, 2017 21 Comments