In no particular order, the answers to some of the questions that most frequently come my way. 


When is your book coming out?

It’s out! You can buy a copy right this way!

How big was your last apartment?

240 square feet. But if you want to get technical, the footprint was actually 173 square feet, sleeping loft not included.

How big is your current apartment? 

Our new place is just under 500 square feet (all on one level) and feels positively palatial in comparison to our old one. It’s on the tippy top floor of an old, smallish brownstone in Brooklyn. 

Have you done a full home tour?

Yes! The Today Show came by and took a few photos. You can find that story right here. For more recent shots, head to this post on Cup of Jo!

Can I see a floor plan of your apartment?

There’s a link to a barebones floor plan right here. And there’s one all filled in with all of our belongings, right here. Always in flux!

So you sleep in the same bedroom as your daughter?

We did! For about 18 months. (More on that right here.) Last fall, we decided to move our bed into the main room of our apartment and make the bedroom into a room just for our daughter. Come January, it’ll be home to two kiddos!

Help! I’m expecting a baby! What do I need?

Not that much, I promise! Lots of answers about baby stuff here. (If you’re looking for one-stop shopping, I gathered my most-used baby essentials here.) Not finding what you were hoping for? Feel free to send along questions. Answers might just work their way into a post!

Where did you get your…blanket?

The everyday blanket on our bed is from Brahms Mount. It’s lovely and cozy and wonderful. Our apartment is very warm so it’s all we need in the winter, but if your apartment is not very warm, you might also want a feather duvet or somesuch! When we need an extra layer, we add this indigo beauty from Block Shop! 


We bought our little loveseat especially for our first tiny Brooklyn apartment where it squeezed perfectly in between the window and the wall! It was West Elm’s Elton Settee. Then we sold that and opted for a cot instead! Yes, it was comfy! (Like a hammock!). Most recently, we folded up the cot to make room for a twin bed in the bedroom. These days we use a many- times-handed-down wool-stuffed upholstered bench/loveseat as our couch. It’s currently getting slipcovered. More soon!

…tea cups?

We bought our white tea cups several years ago from Brook Farm General Store! They’re sadly no longer in stock! (Same goes for our plates and bowls, etc.!) Our yellow mugs are tankards from Bennington Potters in Vermont.

What camera do you use?

I use a Canon 7D, which has since been taken out of production. This camera is similar. I shoot with this lens most of the time, but I sometimes swap it out for this little guy, which I think is a really good lens to try if you’re just starting out!

What shampoo do you use?

I switched to Plaine Products shampoo and conditioner at the beginning of 2018. The products come in reusable aluminum bottles that you send back to the company for reuse! (For more Bath & Body recommendations, you can see a few more favorites here.)

Nota bene:

Share an opinion about child-rearing, breastfeeding, housecleaning, deity worshipping, or shoe shopping, and you’re bound to be accused of judging someone else’s choice. Especially if you’re a woman. Especially if you write about your choices for a living. When I write about my choices, I’m writing about my choices. Not your choices. That’s a lot of choices, but I hope my point is clear. When it comes to this sort of thing generally, I’m embracing the motto of the ever-wise Amy Poehler and repeating, “Good for you, not for me.” I hope this does the trick for you, too.