furniture projects

  • apartment progress: a couch complete.

    When I decided to recover our couch in engineer stripe denim, I did not list among my reasons its ability to withstand human excrement, but here we are. In this little loveseat’s first 12…

    June 16, 2021 24 Comments
  • make your own: bunk bed caddy.

    I’m using the term make very loosely here. This is a hardware store canvas apron of the $2.99 variety that my sister Devan gave to Faye years ago, knowing that in a child’s hands…

    April 14, 2020 12 Comments
  • baby proof: kids’ art supplies.

    As a kid, I kept my most special art supplies in an old wine box, with a hinged top and a latch that always went askew. Watercolors and modeling wax and chalky pastels all…

    September 3, 2019 53 Comments
  • tackling a reupholstery project.

    The first thing to know when tackling a reupholstery project is that those time-lapse videos that you see of people rapidly removing staples and easily smoothing fabric before giving a yank here and a…

    August 15, 2019 20 Comments
  • simple stuff: razor blade scraper.

    Every once in a while, I write a round-up of very solid options for very necessary household staples and I put them under the umbrella of simple stuff. Today, I don’t have options to…

    August 6, 2019 16 Comments
  • under-storage with wine crates

    make your own: under-bed storage.

    I’ll write more about the latest iteration of the kid’s room once we’ve had a chance to settle into it a bit and finish a few projects, but I couldn’t wait to share the…

    August 5, 2019 8 Comments