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  • make your own: fabric paper.

    This isn’t exactly alchemy, but it feels that way. When Rose’s box-making habit began in earnest this summer, she was making origami masu boxes using paper—any kind of paper of any size. But as…

    October 27, 2021 27 Comments
  • under-storage with wine crates

    make your own: under-bed storage.

    I’ll write more about the latest iteration of the kid’s room once we’ve had a chance to settle into it a bit and finish a few projects, but I couldn’t wait to share the…

    August 5, 2019 8 Comments
  • life in a tiny apartment.

    Tip #79: Purge often. Pack it up, pack it in, etc. Believe me when I say you don’t have room to hang on to socks without toes or sweatshirts with grease stains ten years…

    September 18, 2013 14 Comments