my week in objects (mostly).

June 23, 2023

1. this table.

{moved twelve inches.)

2. this rope.

{and a half-baked idea.}

3. these sun prints.

{and office supplies, always.}

4. this old sweater.

{and the weather to wear it in.}

5. this over-taxed paint tray.

{and diving right into something.}

other things:

a family handbook.

they’re loud, they get in the way, they exist.

what we wear.

to want a baby in post-Roe world.

indifference as a corrective to despair.

v pleased with a new tee and tank.

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  • Reply Grace June 24, 2023 at 10:32 am

    I appreciated that indifference article Erin!

  • Reply Suzanne June 24, 2023 at 9:47 pm

    Thank you for all that you share: the beauty, the reality, the different ways of thinking about the messiness and creativity of our lives. I am a longtime reader and the parent of a trans-identifying young adult. I wonder if, in sharing the “family handbook”, you’d consider also sharing resources that offer different perspectives for parents, like Genspect, Gender: A Wider Lens, or the writing of Lisa Selin Davis. Frankly, I’m concerned about the way in which the guide, which sets out to explain our “obligations” as families, also suggests that “puberty blockers and hormones don’t have to be scary”…and urges “waiting can also be risky”. That risks minimizing something as complex as the medicalization of gender non-conforming kids – and potentially pressures parents to push ahead, when research suggests that many kids will desist. Parents who question should not be dismissed and their worries should not be minimized: they should be met openly, with resources and with care: all the things they want for their kids.

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