make-believe: lazy river.

July 20, 2023
lazy river collage and flood relief

On a short list of things I’d like to do this summer is to take a bike ride to a river for an afternoon of making something with my feet in the water. Making a basket by the river’s edge while the reeds soften in the babbling waters? Why yes! In the land of make-believe there’s always plenty of time and no responsibilities whatsoever, so here’s what I’d bring for my lazy river adventure…

This waxed canvas belt bag for stashing necessities.

This long muscle-tee dress with a side slit for easy pedaling.

A dusk stone for moisture and fending off buggies.

A pair of DIY espadrilles I whipped up the morning of using antique canvas.

A pile of scrap reeds for a good cause,

a beer or two to stick in a bike basket,

a book for dipping into when the basket making gets tough, and

a rainbow towel for drying off with.


In an effort to ground this make-believing in something much more down to earth, here’s something to do today:

Proceeds from Wovn Country’s very real Scrap Reed Basket Contest will go to support continued flood relief efforts following the catastrophic rainfall and flooding in Vermont earlier this month. A few other places to consider supporting are the Vermont Community Foundation Recovery Fund the Intervale Center and the Vermont Main Street Flood Relief Fund.

There are so many folks needing assistance right now, so please feel free share additional local funds if you’d like to.

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    Just discovered your blog, i love it

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