growing a minimalist wardrobe: buying my own shorts.

August 25, 2023

I bought a pair of shorts. I won’t say I’m admitting defeat, but after a second seam-busting exercise in humility, and the third or fourth, possibly fifth, time extending our stay at my parents’ house this summer, I decided I would not wait until being back behind my own sewing machine to experience some summertime comfort. Work for the last two weeks has been relegated to morning brain dumps while the big kids are at camp and afternoon brain scrambles while I watch them at the beach and scribble ideas onto sandy scraps of paper. I needed something cool and comfortable, something full of ease in all the right places.

My shorts arrived last week and to me, they’re perfect. (Or close to it.) Not-too-long, not-too-short, with a comfy elastic waist, roomy pockets, and a sturdy 100-percent hemp fabric that’s breezy enough to be comfortable in the summer heat and sturdy enough to stand up to repeated scooching across mossy rocks to save my children from sliced toes and other hazards of beach life. In other words: hangout shorts.


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