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  • make-believe: a space to sleep.

    Over the past few months I’ve been collecting bits of inspiration for turning Faye and Silas’s space into a cozier nest. It’s been a year and a half since Silas was born and a…

    July 30, 2018 23 Comments
  • a new mattress from leesa, a year later.

    This post is sponsored by Leesa, a mattress company with the simple goal: “to help people sleep better”. It’s not very often in the world of partnerships that you get to talk about something old, but…

    November 20, 2017 32 Comments
  • my week in objects (mostly).

     five little things that made my week. 1. these crayons.{and the two minutes wherein they were not being chomped like the carrots they aren’t.}2. this pumpkin ready for roasting.{because a seasonal-display-turned-useful sounds about right to me.}3. this…

    November 20, 2015 12 Comments
  • life in a tiny apartment.

    Tip #121: Unmake your bed. No, under make your bed. Makeunder your bed? I get a lot of questions from readers about how to make a bed. Not the pulling up of sheets and tucking…

    May 20, 2015 43 Comments
  • life in a tiny apartment.

    Tip #96: Set the bed up first. Another unpacking tip. Most of you guys are already experts at this (read the comments here if you don’t believe me), but my tried and true tip…

    March 12, 2014 14 Comments
  • make-believe: spring linens and other things.

    After yesterday’s post about my sleepless night, I’ve got sleep and bedrooms on my mind. While my nighttime dreams may be lackluster lately, my daydreams have been as active as ever. I’ve been scheming…

    March 14, 2013 11 Comments