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  • mother’s day reconsidered.

    I’ll take breakfast in bed with an extra-large helping of revolution, please. In anticipation of Mother’s Day this weekend, here are a few things I’ve listened to, or read, or heard about lately that…

    May 9, 2019 13 Comments
  • make-believe: sleep in.

    While sitting half asleep trying to take but a single solitary sip of morning coffee this morning, I allowed my mind to wander. What would it be like to wake up to a quiet…

    August 15, 2018 8 Comments
  • baby proof: pregnancy pampering.

    The word pampering gets used a lot when talking about pregnant people, especially in the lifestyle realm. And while part of the definition of the word is entirely apt—”to indulge with every attention, comfort, and…

    November 14, 2016 50 Comments