my week in objects (mostly).

April 3, 2020

1. these busy hands.

rug hooking | reading my tea leaves

{and projects of all kinds (this one thanks to rose).}

2. this little seed marker.

pea | reading my tea leaves

{to mark a single pea.}

3. these gallery wall additions.

gallery wall | reading my tea leaves

{and embracing artwork, everywhere.}

4. these washed winter hats.

woollens | reading my tea leaves

{nearly ready to be stored.}

5. this day’s schoolwork.

{because a watercolored schedule turned things right around.}

other things:

remember, nothing is permanent.

why it’s worthy to just be.

i am working remotely and sharing childcare responsibilities with my spouse for the foreseeable future.

they said i could touch her, and i caressed her dark hair with my gloved hands.

mugs for vecinos.

hello in there.

cheat sheet.

a rainbow connection among other things.

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  • Reply Abby April 3, 2020 at 12:53 pm

    When John Prine walked on stage the first time I saw him live, I cried. This song ā€” this one always makes me cry.

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