my week in objects (mostly).

November 12, 2021

1. this nightdress.

{a little wearable treasure.}

2. this ginger.

{for settling stomachs.}

3. these leaves.

{and morning rain showers.}

4. this curtain.

{for going up, for coming down.}

5. this pothos.

{and the little boy making sure it’s keeping on.}

other things:

“this is something I’ve always wrestled with.”

calder-approved parenthood accessories.

weekend plans.


this story isn’t about a medical mystery.

i only have the option of being worried about not having child care.”

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  • Reply B November 13, 2021 at 10:48 am

    Covid in childcare is an issue I’m currently struggling with – the preschool I work at closed for at least a week because a child tested positive. The lead teacher will have virtual lessons available for students, but I’m left without pay for a while and families are left without their regular childcare. I wouldn’t be surprised if the closure lasted longer with the way four year olds wear a mask. These children have 8 hour school days that includes two meals and a snack so exposure to viruses from other students is inevitable.

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