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December 13, 2023

Rose and I made a book. It has a cover! And a cover means that you can now pre-order MAKING THINGS: Finding Use, Meaning, and Satisfaction in Crafting Everyday Objects.

Yes! The book comes out in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia on May 7, 2024, but right this very minute you can place an order and if you fill out our fancy form, we’ll send a little pressie that you can print and turn into a ZINE to put under the tree, or into a stocking, or offer to whichever family member has sacrificed their kitchen this week in the noble pursuit of latke-making. We’ve made the last-minute Hanukkah/Christmas/Holiday present of dreams, if we do say so ourselves.

Even better, if you’re in the US or Canada and pre-order your copy through BOOKS ARE MAGIC, your pre-ordered copy will be sent to you SIGNED! By us! YAHOOO!

All of the nitty-gritty details are at the end of this letter, if you are v busy and just want to buy our book already.

To the three remaining people who I haven’t yet told, I’ve written a new book with my very dearest friend, Rose Pearlman. It’s called MAKING THINGS, it’s being published by Hardie Grant, and incredibly it’s five months out from landing on shelves, which in publishing time is approximately five minutes!

MAKING THINGS is a big, honking book filled with ideas of…things to make. It offers instruction and guidance for simple projects, many of which we hope might serve a practical, beautiful purpose in your daily life, but it’s also a book we hope offers you encouragement to look at materials differently, to use your hands, to take risks, to dive right into making things whether or not you’ve ever made something before! We hold your hand if you want us to and we encourage you to take bounding leaps into the abyss of imagination and creativity if you’re ready to do that. (If you never want to make anything, it’s also just pretty to look at! Wouldn’t be wrong to buy because you love turmeric-colored books. Your shelf needs a pop of color. We got you.)

Speaking of the cover, the full story behind the making of it, is on TEA NOTES.


MAKING THINGS: Finding Use, Meaning, and Satisfaction in Crafting Everyday Objects. (Available now for pre-order at all the mega-bookstores and the indie ones, too.)


If you place your pre-order through BOOKS ARE MAGIC anytime before April 30, 2024, we’ll SIGN it. (This means you’ll get a signed copy of our book when it comes out PLUS the eternal warm glow of having supported an indie bookstore instead of the-site-that-shall-not-be-named! US/CAN orders, only!)


If you place your pre-order AND fill out our PRE-ORDER THANK YOU FORM before December 31st 2023, to let us know, we’ll send you a zine, called TRASH TO TWINE (plus instructions for making it)!


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