my week in objects (mostly).

March 6, 2022

1. this new shade.

{to replace a broken one.}

2. this tiny project.

{and using different muscles.}

3. this other work in progress.

{and trying something new.}

4. these reshaped pillows.

{for working out just as i hoped.}

5. these tulips.

{and the little imp who walked them home.}

other things:

freedom square.

community dye baths via grace.

our hearts should be broken, but we should not surrender them to a simple narrative of destruction.

a patentable business.


two million in direct financial aid.

on suffering.

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  • Reply Sarah March 6, 2022 at 3:34 pm

    Loved the weird, small projects article <3 Thank you!

  • Reply Danielle March 6, 2022 at 8:18 pm

    Hi! I am a devoted NYC reader over the past few years with two young children. I always appreciate the calm and inspiration of your posts, as well as the serious thought-provoking links and notes you add. I was wondering if inflation has affected you personally. I feel that every month I have a conversation with my husband which, although positive, is usually about the mysterious ways in which inflation is affecting us in what is already an expensive city. We have really been striking out in the food budget arena. There is a part of me that wants to dismiss this as a one-off anomaly that we can trudge through financially for a year if necessary, but another part of me that wishes I was a better cook or a better planner and could off-set the cost with more organization in the food-planning/cooking arena. I was wondering if you ever had an interest in writing a post on how you (or your husband) manage the food budget, planning, grocery shopping, and cooking in your home. Although I personally love the fabric-related posts and arts and crafts, I have noticed how burdened it feels to be a NYC parent and I thought to ask you since I am always impressed with your calm presentation of sustainable and practical solutions to problems we all face here. Of course, if this issue doesn’t interest you as a writer or if you’re just like me and you’re exhausted by no end of school/daycare shutdowns and the ever-changing madness of the pandemic, feel free to disregard this request! I am just trying to survive over here in Manhattan with kids and thought it was worth a shot to send out a flare here, lol.

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