small improvements: shoulder hooks.

    June 23, 2022

    This afternoon I added two more 10-cent shoulder hooks to the back of the wardrobe in our living/dining/everything room. I’ve had these hooks in my tool box for months and I’ve had three different things hanging off just one of them for far longer than that, so it was about time I added the extras and gave everything a little more breathing room.

    Sometimes I put off the very little things that make a very little difference and sometimes even that little difference feels big.

    A shoulder hook is tiny. It can’t support a huge amount of weight and it won’t last well screwed into dry wall, but into a piece of closet trim, the inside of a kitchen cabinet door, or the back of a wooden wardrobe, these unassuming hardware-store hooks are my favorite for making small improvements of the get-everything-to-its-place variety. The tip of a shoulder hook is a screw, so usually all I need to install the suckers is a bit of brute strength and maybe a potholder or somesuch for gripping once the going gets tough. Otherwise, shoulder hooks are sturdy little workhorses that I’ve never regretted using.

    If you need to hang something quickly and easily, get thee to a hardware store and get some shoulder hooks. That’s it. That’s the post.

    What small improvements have you been making lately?

    my week in objects (mostly).

    June 17, 2022

    1. this nail brush.

    {for getting under the world’s grimiest toenails (not mine!!)}

    2. this crinkled tube.

    {and the tube-wringer that got it this way. can’t even describe the satisfaction.}

    3. this leftover mask elastic.

    {for finding new life in teacher’s gifts.}

    4. this beast of a street-find fan.

    {for still turning.}

    5. this portable paint set.

    {and nine more.}

    other things:

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