my week in objects (mostly).

    May 14, 2021

    1. these cosmos.

    {for staying so fresh.}

    2. these doorknobs.

    {and denuding them.}

    3. this old couch.

    {and deciding what to do with her.}

    4. this new-to-me rocker.

    {destined for a makeover. i couldn’t help myself.}

    5. this bottle.

    {i’m a sucker for a spritz and this one goes to a good cause through the end of the month.}

    other things:

    a pre-language reality.

    collective wellness, safety, and investment.

    my vote for the best kids’ masks.

    mother’s day flowers.

    dia da espiga.

    summer on my mind.

    making scary phone calls.

    tiny apartment puzzle.

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    simple stuff: toothbrush update.

    May 12, 2021

    I’ll keep this short and sweet, but I stumbled into a toothbrush that fits perfectly in the delicate and dainty holes of the built-in vintage toothbrush holder in our very pink bathroom and I think you should know about it.

    I recently stocked up on David’s Toothpaste and when my three tubes arrived in the mail I was surprised to see a slim cardboard box also in the package. Inside was a perfectly slender and smooth bamboo toothbrush—a thank you, I imagine, for splurging on toothpaste that comes in a recyclable tube.

    The box was marked Zero Waste Cartel and a very quick search got me to a place where I could order a whole bunch more. The brushes come in one size that works as well for the kids in our family as the adults, and with a choice of beige or rainbow bristles depending on your preference. The bamboo handles are easily marked with a bit of paint should further differentiating brushes for family members be something you need to do. See also, adding a small colorful rubber band, which would have the added advantage of helping to keep your brush up and away from the holder if these are the kinds of things you think about.


    I don’t have intel about whether these toothbrushes will perfectly fit the ceramic toothbrush holders that may or may not be in any of your homes, but I did measure the handle in case it’s helpful for those of you invested enough to still be reading: 3/16ths thick and 9/16ths wide at the widest!

    PS. If this doesn’t cut it for you, perhaps consider the toothbrush solution championed by friend and fellow small space dweller, Laura Fenton. (There are drainage holes on the bottom!)

    apartment progress: using a built-in ironing board.

    May 10, 2021
    drop down ironing board | reading my tea leaves

    We have a new table in our kitchen. It’s not really a table and it’s decidedly not new, but it’s a surface we’ve recently unearthed and put back to use.

    James and I exhumed the old fold-down ironing board together. We chipped carefully at the paint sealing it shut and dropped the board down not because we have plans to make a habit of regular ironing, but because using what’s already here seemed like a nice thing to do and in a kitchen with very little counter space, any useable surface is welcomed. Even better if it’s one that be tucked totally out of sight. This morning, this old drop-down ironing board served as potting bench as I puttered about repotting flowers that I will try to keep alive on a very hot patch of Brooklyn roof this summer.

    drop down ironing board | reading my tea leaves

    No surprise, when we first opened the cabinet, we were hit with precisely the kind of pungency you might imagine would emanate from a space that had been closed up for decades, but olfactory affronts notwithstanding, the table and its simple mechanism was in perfect condition. The odor was rectified by a good wipe down with a vinegar soaked rag and a few hours of airing out.

    drop down ironing board | reading my tea leaves

    As part of the project we decided to remove the old formica-topped table that had been attached to the cabinet door at some point along the way. The slanty table had its own charm and utility, but making room instead for a cart on wheels and the ability to use the board felt like a wise move, all things considered. We asked our landlord whether he’d like to store the table and he gave us his official Brooklyn blessing: “This stuff is just going get stuck here when I’m dead anyway.” So, we bid it adieu and passed it along to someone who could use it in the here and now.

    drop down ironing board | reading my tea leaves

    What about you? New progress or old treasures?

    drop down ironing board | reading my tea leaves

    For the curious:

    + Our new rolling cart is from Yamazaki Home (and I recently shared a few thoughts on their blog in case you’d like to see).

    + I finally had a few prints framed and am trying out two in our kitchen. There Is An Alternative was part of a limited edition run made by Alice at Forestbound; Vote For the Planet was a poster designed by Lena Wolff; both were framed for me by Simply Framed using their Gallery Natural frames.

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